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What is your exercise goal? Pain relief?  Fall prevention?  Feeling stronger?

Pain and Poor Balance are not Normal – At Any Age

Pain and balance both originate in your brain.  Movement which also engages your nervous system will help your brain to re-wire itself.

As experts in neuro- sensory exercise, we at Exercise with Care encourage people to integrate exercise into their daily lives.  You don’t live in a gym, so we teach exercises that can be done daily in your own environment.  Our in-home exercise programs integrate brain, body and senses. So that you will move better every day, everywhere.

It is your time to move better and feel great

Exercise with Care is a more natural way to exercise

Exercise with Care comes to your home.  After a personal assessment, an exercise program designed with care will engage your body, brain and senses with each movement. By using your sense of balance as you move through your exercises you become more aware of your surrounding and of the ground beneath you (grounding).  The exercises are designed to keep your brain involved as you move in order to strengthen the neuro-pathways between your brain and body.  This has the amazing effect of making you feel stronger as movement becomes easier.

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