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In 2016, Anne Klausner founded Exercise with Care in order to spread her vision of health and well being in the community by combining her experience in the field of rehabilitation with the skill of a personal trainer.  She also believes that when exercises are taught in your home environment you are more likely to do them on your own.  After all, exercise is about feeling better everyday, not just on “gym days”

Exercise with Care is unique in the field of in-home personal training because of Anne’s training in the neurology of movement.   Neuro-sensory  or “brain based” exercise programs catered to each individual are extremely effective at reducing pain and increasing strength and balance.  Her methods are being integrated into fall prevention programs.

As a certified Movement Integration Specialist Anne works with individuals of all ages to improve their quality of life.

Anne  studied hydrotherapy at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, Israel.  She supplemented these studies at Wingate Institute of Physical Education and the Mind-Body Center also in Israel, training in osteopathic and rehabilitation therapy methods.  She went on to gain invaluable experience working at the Sheba Rehabilitation Hospital with patients of all ages who had suffered traumatic injuries or had chronic syndromes. In Canada Anne continued to work as a hydrotherapist in physiotherapy facilities, gaining knowledge of Canadian health care practices.

When not working or catching up on neurology, Anne loves spending time with family and friends.  Anne enjoys improving her public speaking skills at Toastmasters International, Thornhill Club  https://www.toastmasters.org/Find-a-Club/00008517-thornhill-club.  She is also an active member of Na’amat Toronto, a charity which promotes women and children in Canada and Israel  http://www.naamat.com/locations/toronto-clubs.




  • “Thank you for your dedicated, professional and caring attention.  When we started exercising in April 2016 I was suffering from pain in my back and legs.  The exercise program which you planned and helped me with every week saved me and greatly improved my quality of life.Your exercises improved my posture as well as overall fitness and strength and I have integrated them into my daily routine”
    Stela Roytblat, Richmond Hill
  • “I have been exercising with Anne Klausner since September 2015.  She is just great technically as well as functionality wise.  Highly recommended”
    John Davis, Toronto
  • Apr 20, 2018 I wanted to tell you, my pain vanished the day after your worked with me.  
    Rebecca Karlin
  • Thu, Apr 12, 2018,
    Thank you for a great session! I think your approach (not to mention knowledge) is amazing!  
    Nicki Auclair-Martin Hope House Hospice

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