Better Balance as We Age

Better Balance as We Age

Exercises which include changes in position in addition to strengthening and flexibility greatly reduce the risk of falling.  Proprioception is your ability to sense where your body and limbs are positioned in space. It’s what allows you to walk up stairs without looking at your feet and bring a cup to your mouth without spilling. The proprioceptors sensors provide information about joint angle, muscle length and muscle tension, which gives the brain information it needs to maneuver your body on a daily basis.

This ability tends to weaken as people age, suffer injuries or develop various syndromes such as arthritis or Parkinson’s. Poor proprioception can affect balance, agility and coordination, all of which increase your risk of falling. Exercises which include changes in head and body position improve the connection between your brain and limbs, strengthening your sense of where each part of your body is at every moment in time.     Find out more from Exercise with Care.

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