Why Holistic?

By Anne Klausner | Mar 2, 2020

Holistic as defined by the Oxford dictionary- “Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.   The human body is holistic.  Each muscle, joint and organ connects to and depends on the healthy function of the rest of the body. Every part of your body […]

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From Training to Empowering

By Anne Klausner | Feb 24, 2020

I am  passionate about changing the way we think about movement, chronic pain and balance. Why movement, pain and balance? Because they are intrinsically interconnected.  When your body is in balance you will move easily and without pain. Balance requires great information from your sensory system to your brain.  Otherwise, it is like driving with […]

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Tap Tap – Wake Up

By Anne Klausner | Feb 17, 2020

Does your brain feel “foggy” in the morning? Are your fingers and hands stiff? Hand exercises not only feel good they also wake up your brain. There are more areas in our brain dedicated to our hands than any other part of our body. Hand exercises, even feeling different textures stimulates large areas of the […]

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Wow, I’ll Be Speaking at the CPTN Summit

By Anne Klausner | Feb 2, 2020

I will tell my story how Z-Health Education transformed my business from training to empowering. Register at

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The Price of Pain

By Anne Klausner | Nov 10, 2019

How much does your pain cost you? What is the price when you come home from work in a bad mood because of your pain? What is the price when you don’t enjoy family and friends because you hurt too much to go out? What is the price in sick days, missed vacations and relationships […]

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Empower Out of Pain

By AnneAdmin | Oct 9, 2019

Pain is part of the unstoppable force with-in our body to promote survival.  It is not a natural part of getting older or something you should “learn to live with”. To learn how you can be Empowered Out of Pain attend a workshop or bring a workshop to your company or organization.

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A Sense of Balance

By AnneAdmin | Apr 1, 2019

Fall prevention starts that very first time you manage to stand up as your parents clap and cheer you on.   We should be exercising our sense of balance every day.  Find out how you can improve your balance immediately with simple exercises that fit even the busiest schedule.  

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My Personal Testimonial

By AnneAdmin | Mar 4, 2019

Last Friday night my hip started to ache.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling very uncomfortable but decided to “practice what I preach”.  I started doing visual, vestibular and sensory exercises to relieve the pain and then I went for a walk thinking that in a few hours I would certainly feel better. Sunday morning […]

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How Many Times Did You Laugh Today?

By AnneAdmin | Jan 12, 2019

How many steps did you take today?     How many reps did you do at the gym?  How many calories did you consume?  How big is your house?  What year is your car?        How many FB friends do you have?      Have you achieved all your goals yet? The list goes on and on….. We seem to […]

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