The Price of Pain

By Anne Klausner | Nov 10, 2019

How much does your pain cost you? What is the price when you come home from work in a bad mood because of your pain? What is the price when you don’t enjoy family and friends because you hurt too much to go out? What is the price in sick days, missed vacations and relationships […]

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Empower Out of Pain

By AnneAdmin | Oct 9, 2019

Pain is part of the unstoppable force with-in our body to promote survival.  It is not a natural part of getting older or something you should “learn to live with”. To learn how you can be Empowered Out of Pain attend a workshop or bring a workshop to your company or organization.

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A Sense of Balance

By AnneAdmin | Apr 1, 2019

Fall prevention starts that very first time you manage to stand up as your parents clap and cheer you on.   We should be exercising our sense of balance every day.  Find out how you can improve your balance immediately with simple exercises that fit even the busiest schedule.  

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My Personal Testimonial

By AnneAdmin | Mar 4, 2019

Last Friday night my hip started to ache.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling very uncomfortable but decided to “practice what I preach”.  I started doing visual, vestibular and sensory exercises to relieve the pain and then I went for a walk thinking that in a few hours I would certainly feel better. Sunday morning […]

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How Many Times Did You Laugh Today?

By AnneAdmin | Jan 12, 2019

How many steps did you take today?     How many reps did you do at the gym?  How many calories did you consume?  How big is your house?  What year is your car?        How many FB friends do you have?      Have you achieved all your goals yet? The list goes on and on….. We seem to […]

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A Sense of Fall Prevention

By AnneAdmin | Nov 17, 2018

Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 and older, and the risk of falls increases proportionately with age. At 80 years, over half of seniors fall annually. Wow, why is that?  Fall prevention experts ensure that the homes of our loved ones have been made “fall proof”.  No rugs, grab […]

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Speaking with Ease

By AnneAdmin | Jul 15, 2018

This explanation of the anatomy of speaking was given as a speech at a Toastmasters International meeting on     July 10, 2018.   Fellow toastmasters and guests. We are gathered here to acquire skills to be excellent speakers. A greeting, an introduction, make your points, some humor and a conclusion.  But, may I dare […]

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7 Steps to Create Your Extraordinary Life

By AnneAdmin | Jan 30, 2018

7 Steps to Create Your Extraordinary Life   Let’s welcome the new year with positive thoughts and creative actions. Here are seven steps excerpted from Upgrade: Taking Your Work and Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary for you to think about all the possibilities.   Envision your future Envision the type of life you would like […]

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Why does it still hurt?

By AnneAdmin | Jan 30, 2018

Why does it still hurt? We all suffer minor injuries throughout life, sometimes not so minor.  Usually, within a certain amount of time, with or without therapy the pain goes away and we return to our daily routine.  So how come, sometimes, that nagging pain remains? Many research studies have shown that exercise is a […]

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