Exercise for Longevity

Exercise for Longevity

When did exercise become “a thing” that we have to do?  It used to be that people led active lives, walking to school, to work, the store or bus stop.  We cleaned our homes, took care of our gardens, walked up stairs and walked over to a friend.  Now everyone has a car, we go up the escalator and our chores are done either by machines or someone else.  As we became more sedentary, gyms were created to fill the need for movement.

The fitness industry was created. 

Now we are bombarded with gyms, classes, and trends.  They all want to make us healthier by pushing our bodies to the limit.  Climb a mountain, spin on your bike, run a marathon and lift the heaviest weights.   If you can do these things, chances are you really will feel better and be healthier.

But what if you can’t?  What if you have pain that prevents you from doing things?  Or maybe you don’t have a great sense of balance anymore are afraid to move too much?  What if you just plain don’t like to “exercise”?

The good news is that people who live the longest don’t exercise.  Research shows that there are “Blue Zones” , areas where populations enjoy the most longevity.  They move naturally and frequently.  They walk a lot, sit on the floor, and go up stairs. They spend a lot of time outside. Nothing extreme.    (https://bluezones.com/live-longer-better/)

So how do we start to move more if we are in pain or afraid of falling?  Start with basics.

Eye movements, breathing and joint mobility are not usually part of an exercise plan.  But they are hugely effective in reducing pain; improving balance and making us feel safer.  And you don’t need a gym and any equipment.

The greatest improvement in health is just by moving from below average to average fitness.  Start with eye exercises which strengthen the muscles around your eyes, prevents droopy eyelids as well.   Practice breathing using your diaphragm (Abdominal breathing ).  Hand, wrist, ankle and foot exercises make daily tasks so much easier.

Just start, you might be surprised at the results.

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