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I am  passionate about changing the way we think about movement, chronic pain and balance.

Why movement, pain and balance? Because they are intrinsically interconnected.  When your body is in balance you will move easily and without pain.

Balance requires great information from your sensory system to your brain.  Otherwise, it is like driving with a blindfold.  All of your senses inform your brain of the world around you and where your body is in space.

I am grateful to all my great teachers who have shared with me the knowledge and tools to help people transform their lives.

I joined CPTN in 2015, founding Exercise with Care one year later.  Introduced to Z-Health Education at the 2017 CPTN Conference, I have continued in their education program and evolved as a trainer through the use of applied neuroscience-based drills. This knowledge has transformed my business.

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Anne Klausner

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