My Personal Testimonial

Last Friday night my hip started to ache.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling very uncomfortable but decided to “practice what I preach”.  I started doing visual, vestibular and sensory exercises to relieve the pain and then I went for a walk thinking that in a few hours I would certainly feel better.

Sunday morning the pain was worse and I had been feeling feverish all night.  Ok, I have to get serious. I did some more visual, vestibular and sensory exercises, adding some balanced movement because maybe I was just mis-aligned.  No walks, too cold and I still felt a bit feverish.

By Monday morning I felt totally discouraged and horrible.  Obviously, my exercises weren’t working.  I could barely walk and stairs were agony.    I realized this was not just sore muscles and went to Emergency.

After more than 12 hours in emergency and a lot of tests, including having fluid removed from my hip joint the orthopedic surgeon met with me.  She said, “looking at your initial lab results, I would expect to see you in severe pain laying down, unable to move.  But you have walked to all your tests and are sitting in a chair.  I don’t’ understand……”  But I did understand.

I had felt discouraged that the neuro-sensory exercises had not worked to relieve my pain.  But they had!  I would have been so much worse if I had not done them.  Best of all, it turns out that my hip infection was viral and my own immune system has kicked in.  I continued my exercise routine throughout the week  and this weekend I am almost pain free.

I am so grateful to be studying and using neurology-based exercises.  I know my balance is much better than it used to be and now I also have personal knowledge of how effective this method is for pain reduction.  This experience, while unpleasant, has given me new confidence as  I work with clients to relieve their pain and bring back their joy of movement.

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