Your Brain – Body Loop Webinar was great.  They really loved it. I got some emails after expressing gratitude. They want a repeat!   I’m grateful.
Heidi Spiar
Day Program Coordinator
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“Anne helped me from the very first visit to recover from vertigo and knee pain! She had found excellent exercise for me!” I have already recommend Anne to anyone!Thanks so much!

Mara Svechnikar, Thornhill


“Today’s breathing exercise helped in reducing floaters from my eye which have been a nuisance since removal of cataract .
Also foot exercise has eased the pain in my knees. Anne has made me realize that one does not have to suffer pain while aging.”

Nafisa Kamdar,  Mississuaga


“Thank you for your dedicated, professional and caring attention.  When we started exercising in April 2016 I was suffering from pain in my back and legs.  The exercise program which you planned and helped me with every week saved me and greatly improved my quality of life.Your exercises improved my posture as well as overall fitness and strength and I have integrated them into my daily routine.”

Stela Roytblat, Richmond Hill


“I have been exercising with Anne Klausner since September 2015.  She is just great technically as well as functionality wise.  Highly recommended”

John Davis, Toronto


“I wanted to tell you, my pain vanished the day  after your  worked with me”

Rebecca Karlin, Thornhill


“Thank you for a great session, I think your approach (not to mention knowledge) is amazing.”

Nicki Auclair-Martin, Hope House Hospice

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