Exhale Fully to Inhale Deeply

Do you often feel short of breath? So many people tell me they can never “catch their breath “even though they try to relax with deep breathing. This is because they are not exhaling. In order to refill a container, you must first empty it.
Before you take a deep breath, exhale until you feel your stomach contract. You might want to put your hands at the bottom of your ribs and push inwards a little so you feel your lungs empty out. When you absolutely cannot exhale any more – inhale. Try this four or five times a day to activate your diaphragm and all the other muscles involved in breathing. By the way, your neck and shoulders should NOT be moving.
Interesting fact:  Exhalation is relaxation. Your body primes for movement when you inhale and relaxes as you exhale.
So the next time you need to take a deep breath, remember to exhale first.

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Anne Klausner

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